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    Romeo’s Café is an intimate and elegantly appointed restaurant in which a maximum of 54 guests (28 in the Main Dining Room and 26 in the Juliette Room) are treated to a unique and exceptional dining experience from the minute they enter the room.


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    While there is no set menu, chef and host Romeo Majano has prepared Northern Italian influenced dishes tailored to the tastes of his guests since 1998. Each diner is asked about their individual food preferences, tastes, and dietary restrictions. Based on their answers, (and Romeo’s imagination), a series of 4 or 6 gourmet dishes are then prepared to order and presented by an award-winning professional service staff.

    Complemented by a wine list that features predominantly Italian and American selections, the 2 ½ hour dinner is one of the most enjoyable and gastronomically satisfying dining experiences to be found anywhere.

    Consistently rated among South Florida’s top restaurants for food and service, Romeo’s Cafe appeals to those who truly enjoy the art of fine dining.

    Romeo’s Cafe is open 7 Days for dinner and from Tuesday through Friday for lunch.